Yes, No, Maybe

What is the response to “Would you go to Uganda again?”

The yes is the overarching answer. I would jump at an opportunity to go back to Uganda and Africa in general. I didn’t realize how quickly I could fall in love with a place and a people. There are many significant needs there, too many to name.

Gospel Mission Africa is doing its part to meet some of the needs, including working with pastoral leadership, supporting women and children in an effort to make generational changes, and looking at self-sufficiency through agriculture and small business endeavors to improve the lives of those they reach. If you are inclined to support mission work in this part of the world, I would encourage you to reach out to them and learn more about what they are doing in Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia.

The no is a very small piece. Surprisingly, I would not go to do a safari again in the way that we did it if I’m expecting to photograph it. As a photographer I would do a safari, but I want it to be the focus of the trip where I can plan accordingly. I would take different gear. I would also research how guides work and find one that matches the expectations of photographers.

The maybe is also related to the safari piece and really isn’t a maybe, just a different way of looking at things. When doing a safari with those who are not photographers, it’s ok to set the camera aside and enjoy what you see. Sometimes we think we have to capture everything and that simply is not the case. When I put my camera down I was able to connect more with those I was with and enjoy their own wonderment at what we saw. That alone made it much more enjoyable.

In the end, though, this trip was about helping a mission document what they do. It was to capture their meetings, show what the women were working on, and just help them be able to explain their work. Doing that helped me to gain an appreciation for Africa and those living there that I might not otherwise have.


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